Meet Our Team

Frances Kupke-Smith

B Sc (Hons) Health and Community Studies, M Sc Policy studies

I’m a mature woman with a disability who is trying to live my best possible life which has included working and travelling around the world. This has given me the opportunity to meet and gain knowledge from a diverse range of people including the most amazing people with a disability. This has also enabled me to work and be involved in some amazing projects which include the development and delivery of Direct payments for a few local authorities in the United Kingdom. I’m also a carer for someone with a psychosocial disability.  

There are a few things that are important to me and they these are just a few  

  • Everyone is an individual with the potential to do amazing things given the right knowledge and support
  • Clear and honest communication is fundamental 
  • Stopping and listening is vitally important to supporting people  
  • There is always a variety of ways to accomplish a task, problem etc (I’ve failed if I haven’t looked at least 5 ways) 
  • There is no stupid question, and nothing is a failure it’s just a learning experience. 

My ambition as the founder of Peoplecraft is to create a service that supports individuals to have the knowledge and experience to live the life that they want to live. 

Sue Bourke

B. Ed, B. Sc, Cert IV Disability

As a mother, I have first-hand experience in trying to find support for my children to help them increase their skills. I became frustrated that within our border region, there are few options available for quality skills development. Deciding to use my education background and experience with disability, I have developed individual and small group programs that will meet a genuine need in our community.

Having my own disability, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to find services that truly understand the complexities that come with having a disability. As a result, Person Centred Practice is a part of my core values. I enjoy connecting with people and have an interest in working with small groups and individuals.

Helping people to obtain a learner licence, manage their finances and understand what it means to be in a respectful relationship, are some of the topics that people have asked me to cover in our programs. I’m eager to hear from the community to find out what skills you would like to develop, and how I can support you with your skill development journey.

My ambition as Peoplecraft’s skill development and training manager is to create opportunities for skill development, to empower people to live the life they choose.