Small Group Skill Development

Our small group skill development programs are written with specific skills in mind. The skills are explicitly taught by modelling the skills and rely on a multimodal approach to learning. Visual aides and audio support such as videos are utilised, with repetitive exercises to ensure that the skill is reinforced and committed to long term memory. Participants have the opportunity to practice the skills during the session and as it is in small group setting, participants can support each other in their learning.

Each session focuses on one part of the skill and allows the participant to build on their learning as they progress through the program.

Individual sessions are available separately, to compliment the group sessions, if an individual feels they would like some extra support outside of the group setting.

Learning in a small group environment means a more personal approach to learning, while incorporating a social element which can be very beneficial and adds the element of peer learning.


Small group skill development


This small group program provides participants support to study the ‘Road to solo driving handbook’ from VicRoads and prepare for your Victorian learner’s permit test. All material is directly from the handbook and presented in a way that supports different learning styles.


The basic finance small group program teaches how to best utilise your money and save for what is important to you. Support is provided to create your own individual budget. Education is provided around safety with money. Other topics covered in the program include: Scams, Personal Tax and Superannuation and retirement.


Participants learn and practice respectful relationships/social skills, fine motor skills, emotional resilience and team work naturally during the structured play activities. All art and craft activities and refreshments provided.


Cooking has a lot of steps involved. All the planning, time management, organisation, evaluating safety risks, creating shopping lists, meal plans and problem solving, require lots of brain power. Our small group program explores strategies to make the process easier and support your executive functioning.


Have fun and create art in a relaxing social environment. Structured art and craft activities provided with all materials included. Join in with rock painting, have a go at creating your own cards, free paint or use ready made paint by number canvases. Ideas for activities are endless and group suggestions are welcome.


We are currently taking expression of interest for this future small group.


We are currently taking expression of interest for this future small group.


We are currently taking expression of interest for this future small group program.