NDIS Recovery Coaching

What is an NDIS recovery coach?

An NDIS recovery coach will help you identify your goals, look for opportunities, develop your support network and support you to make your own choices so you can live the life you want.

They work collaboratively with you, your family/informal support network and other services to identify, plan, design and coordinate your supports. Think life coaching but with professionals who understand emotional wellbeing and just get it.

We work with people all over Australia who are looking to work towards their life goals. You do not need an NDIS plan to access our wellbeing coaching.

For those that do have NDIS plans, psychosocial recovery coaching complements other forms of support. This means your NDIS recovery coach won’t provide your daily supports, but they will be your go-to person to bring all of your NDIS supports together.

What do recovery coaches do?

NDIS recovery coaching is a leading way of working with people with a psychosocial disability or mental illness to assist them lead full and contributing lives.

A coach will:

  • Guide you on your recovery journey
  • Help you get the best out of your plan
  • Help you choose, book and manage your support services
  • Keep services, including clinical teams, informed of your choices and the way you prefer to be supported
  • Help you keep track of progress towards your recovery goals regularly
  • Help keep you motivated, focusing on your strengths, goals and resilience
  • Know how the mental health system works and can help you navigate it
  • Help you create advance directives and plan for all events
  • Assist with discharge

What’s the difference between counselling and recovery coaching?


  • Clinical support
  • Emotional exploration & guided discovery
  • Focuses on solving problems

Recovery Coaching

  • Para-professional support
  • Structured process focusing on personal discovery & goal setting
  • Focuses on utilising your strengths to achieve goals

Although counselling and coaching both work to release your potential and develop new skill sets, they are different services and use different approaches.