Employment Advocacy

Do you know your basic employee rights? Would you know what to do if you are not getting paid correctly. How do you approach your boss to ask for a pay rise? What do you do if you are not being treated fairly in the workplace?

Who can you turn too?

Look no further. We are passionate about empowering people with their basic work rights and advocating for you in your place of work. When things go wrong at work, we can support you to get the help you need to improve your work environment. You do not need to be alone. We can be with you every step of the way to ensure your experience of the workplace is a positive one. Not only can we advocate on your behalf, but we can also help you to increase your ability to advocate for yourself in the workplace. Learning the basic skill of how to talk to your employer can make the difference between a stressful workplace and somewhere you can find a fulfilling work environment.