Learners permit support small group program

Getting a learners Permit is a big step which requires a lot of learning prior to sitting the Learners test. Despite the Vic roads: ‘Road to solo driving handbook’ being a comprehensive compilation of all the information you need to know to pass this test, the big question is how do you learn all the information on your own? The good news is you don’t have to.

This small group program provides participants support to study the driving handbook and prepare for your Victorian learner’s permit test. All material is directly from the handbook and is not changed in any way. This means the participants are learning the correct information, but it is presented in a way that supports different learning styles.

Visuals are provided to help the participants learn and remember information from the handbook.

  • Road signs and rules are displayed on the wall for easy reference and learning.
  • Google maps are explored to compare the graphics in the handbook to real life road situations.
  • Videos from VicRoads YouTube channel are played to reinforce concepts from the handbook.

Activities are utilised during the program to reinforce learning. Examples include:

  • timing cars on the side of the road to compare 2 – 4 second gaps and how much gap distance is needed while driving.
  • sitting in the driver’s seat of a car to explore the blind spot. Other participants stand around the car. A lot of participants are amazed at how large the blind spot is.
  • manipulating toys cars on road maps to explore give way rules and other concepts.

Time is allocated for practice tests towards the end of the term to practice and further prepare for the Learner’s Permit Test. This is done both as a group and individually, with support available to become proficient at answering the questions correctly.

Participants are welcome to book in further individual sessions as needed at our individual session rate.

Click on the link below  to register you details. Every effort will be made to place participants into groups but this is dependent on availability. Wait lists may apply.

For Term 2 this year, please specify your first preference for either Wednesday or Thursday. Two groups will run dependent on numbers, see below for dates, times and investment.


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This program is scheduled to run in term 2 2023

Duration: 9 weeks * 2hr sessions (includes 30 min social refreshment break)

Investment: $90/session

Dates: We are offering two times (dependent on numbers)

26th April to 21st June  Wednesday 3:40pm – 5:40pm 

27th April to 22nd June  Thursday 3:40pm – 5:40pm 

Please note: Places are limited and registration is subject to approval – if no places are available, participants can go on a wait list for the following term.